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Jerry’s Story

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Hi my name is Jerry and I am Shonagh’s husband. I too have Lyme. I spent most of my working life in Outdoor Education so I was fit and healthy. Although I had many tick bites over the years I had never had a bullseye rash and was always careful about removing ticks. 

About five years ago I started to feel listless and struggling to do the things I had done before. I went to my GP who initially referred me for bowel cancer. According to the hospital specialist she had been feeling old scar tissue! At Shonagh’s suggestion I asked to be tested for Lyme.

The result came back positive and I was given a 4 week course of Doxycycline . This made me feel worse. By harassing the GP I got referred to Raigmore Hospital who confirmed the diagnosis and gave me a second month of oral Doxycycline.

This also failed to produce an improvement. I was then given a month of IV Ceftriaxone. 

Despite this there was still no improvement probably a worsening of my condition.

Following this I had my final consultation with the consultant and was told I’d been treated and the implication was it was my fault I hadn’t responded to treatment. I still suffer from similar or worse symptoms. I have subsequently been to the GP but other than offering me CBT or graded exercise they offer no help.