News and Support

We wish to thank all those who have helped publicise and support our campaign, including gamekeepers, moorland groups, the farming community, walkers, and mountaineers.

"Gamekeepers back Lyme disease campaign with clampdown on ticks as patients appeal for faster diagnosis"

"Campaign launched aimed at improving the way Lyme disease is combated in Scotland"

"South Scotland MSP issues Lyme Disease warning during parliamentary debate - and backs local womans call for better testing and treatment"

"Wake up to lyme campaign!"

"Tick-borne Illness Campaign Scotland"

"Petition worth signing...better awareness of Lyme Disease in the Scottish medical profession."

"Petition seeks action on ticks and Lyme disease"

"Petition launched for better awareness of Lyme disease"

"Woman launches petition calling for better treatment of Lyme disease after losing over 10 years of her life to the illness"